Surprise from the past: 5 celebrities who hid illegitimate children. Photo.

Some of them have not yet recognised the children

Many celebrities prefer not to make their personal lives public. Most often, this is not for moral reasons, but because they have something to hide. And we mean illegitimate children. By the way, the heroes of our selection do not consider this a crime.

OBOZREVATEL presents to your attention celebrities who had offspring out of wedlock. Some of them inherited the talent of their relatives (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the heartthrob and star of the Terminator movie, can hardly be called a model family man. That's why his wife Maria Shriver left him, who found out about her husband's infidelities with a domestic worker, Mildred Patricia Baena, many years later. On 2 October 1997, the woman gave birth to a celebrity boy, Joseph. He looks incredibly similar to Schwarzenegger.


Steven Tyler

The American singer, songwriter and lead singer of Aerosmith, Steve Tyler, had a fleeting love affair with model Bebe Buell. As a result of the relationship, the girl became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Liv. Until she was 9 years old, the beauty considered her mother's husband, Todd Randgren, to be her biological father. But then she began to notice that she looked very much like Stephen's daughter Mia. The actress asked her mother directly about it, and she told her the truth. Liv is now 45 years old, and Mia is 44.


Jude Law

Actress Sadie Frost gave British film star Jude Law three children. After breaking up with her, the artist began an affair with Sienna Miller. However, he allowed himself to cheat on her with his children's nanny. In 2008, the man had an affair with New Zealand model Samantha Burke, who gave birth to his daughter Sophia. And in 2015, he had a four-week love affair with singer Katherine Harding, with whom he had another daughter, Ada.


Chris Brown

American singer Chris Brown is known for his romance with singer Rihanna. He also dated and was engaged to stylist Karrueche Tran. While living with his girlfriend, Brown did not hesitate to have an affair with Nia Guzman, with whom he has a daughter, Royalty. Brown is also the father of Eko Katori Brown (born 20 November 2019, his mother is model Ammika Harris) and Lovely Simphanie Brown (born 7 January 2022, her mother is model Diamond Brown).



Despite the fact that Beyoncé's husband refuses to acknowledge his illegitimate son, Wanda Satterthwaite claims that during a short-term affair with the rapper, she became pregnant by him. Wright Satterthwaite became the first child of the celebrity. Now the man is about 30 years old. In addition, in May 2020, a 28-year-old girl from Maryland named Latisha Maser published a series of posts on Instagram claiming to be Jay-Z's illegitimate daughter. In support of her claim, she posted comparative photos of the rapper and herself.


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