"Standard scum": Sobchak, who dressed up in Ukrainian embroidery, sided with Putin during the rebellion in Russia and received a "sentence"

Sobchak comments on the situation in Russia

The so-called Russian opposition activist and journalist Ksenia Sobchak reacted to the coup in the Russian Federation by showing her true face. She noted that she had only slept for a few hours over the past 24 hours, as she constantly monitors the news. In her social media, the TV presenter covers the situation in the country and wonders whether her fellow citizens will see the confrontation between Kadyrov and Prigozhin, which "many people predicted".

"The 'journalist" posts her absurd thoughts on her personal Telegram channel. By the way, the other day she justified herself for a photo in a Ukrainian national costume, which was taken almost 10 years ago on the Maidan, during her reportage. Ksenia stated that it was the format of the filming and she did not put on the embroidered shirt of her own free will. Today, against the backdrop of the events, Sobchak summarised that rebellion in wartime plays into the hands of the enemy (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

"But here's what I want to say, friends: a mutiny in wartime is, in any case and in any scenario, a game into the hands of the other side that is fighting against it. It weakens, distracts attention and plays to reduce the security of even civilians, not just frontline soldiers. This is a bad step," the "oppositionist" said.


Netizens reacted to Ksenia Sobchak's words by putting her in her place. In addition, they reminded her that there are no non-imperial opposition politicians in Russia. And all Russians who are allegedly "out of politics" are still loyal to the Kremlin Fuhrer to the end.

"Sobchak needs to be disposed of, like all Russian fascists in general", "And here comes Sobchak, showing her 'face', which is against the war", "This is a terrorist attack, isn't it? And where is Sobchak with her screams about the terrorist attack?", "That awkward moment when you realise that Simonyan is smarter than Sobchak", "Anti-war Ksenia Sobchak was somehow misunderstood again, or does she directly write that "a bad step" and "playing into the hands of the other side"?", "Sobchak, of course, is the standard scum", we read on Twitter.


As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, the famous singer Nargiz has spoken out harshly against Putinist artists who want to perform abroad in Russia. She made it clear that the citizens of the terrorist country are outcasts around the world. Read more in our article

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