She was in the shadows for a long time: what the "secret" daughter of Bellucci and Cassel looks like and why she was hidden from the paparazzi. Photo.

Leonie can compete with her older sister

Married to French actor Vincent Cassel, Italian Monica Bellucci gave birth to two beautiful daughters, Deva and Leonie. While the first heiress immediately became a favourite of the public and is already conquering fashion shows and is the face of luxury brands, few people know about 12-year-old Leona. That's because the star mother tries to hide the girl from the cameras.

The model's second daughter was born on September 12, 2010. Fans of the celebrity claimed that unlike Diva, who allegedly inherited all the best from her parents, the youngest child cannot boast of a striking appearance. But it's worth noting that many were wrong. OBOZREVATEL wants to show you what Leonie looks like now. We will also tell you what she does and where she lives (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Despite Monica's overprotective attitude, the paparazzi still manage to take pictures of Leonie on a walk or while shopping. Over time, she blossomed and attracted even more attention than her sister once did. The girl has delicate features: a neat nose, brown eyes, and plump lips.


According to fans, Leonie is an exact copy of Bellucci in her youth. They even have similar figures, because the young lady inherited juicy forms. There are two versions of why the ex-spouses are hiding her. Some believe that she does not seek fame and popularity. Others believe that Monica and Vincent deliberately avoid the appearance of information about the girl in the press to ensure that she has a quiet childhood.


Currently, the beauty is studying in the 7th grade not far from the city where she was born. She lives with her mother in a luxurious mansion. Monica Bellucci often takes the youngest heiress with her on business trips.

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