She was called the "blonde angel": how the fate of the girl doll Ira Brown developed and what she looks like now. Photo.

How the fate of the girl-doll Ira Brown turned out

In 2009, an unusual girl was born in America, named Ira Brown. And she was unusual because of her appearance - the baby had such a cute doll's face with big blue eyes, long eyelashes and plump lips that everyone could hardly believe that she was a real child. Before the little Barbie was even two years old, her mother started her modelling career.

The tiny beauty became a real star on the web. Internet users called her a "blonde angel", and brands lined up endlessly to make Ira the face of their advertising campaigns. However, nowadays, nothing has been heard from the world's smallest model. OBOZREVATEL decided to find out what happened to her.


Ira looked so much like a doll that it shocked people. The parents obviously decided that this could be successfully monetised, and they were right.


Since the age of two, the girl has been supplementing the family budget through regular filming for clothing and other products. She was invited to star in films and commercials.


"Barbie" took part in beauty contests, which she won unconditionally. But this success, surprisingly, did not last as long as everyone expected. Especially the little model's parents.


Over time, Ira's appearance became ordinary. She was still a beautiful girl, of course, but she was no different from the rest of her peers. No one compared her to a doll anymore, and modelling agencies stopped lining up to get permission to shoot her.


Ira's mother began to take extreme measures: she put make-up on the child, wore wigs and much more. All so that the world would not forget that her daughter was the most beautiful. However, such actions caused more and more concern in society. The little model's parents were accused of wanting to make money from their child, and it was concluded that they had stolen their daughter's childhood by working full-time.


Ira is now 14 years old. She hardly plans to connect her life with the catwalk. Moreover, the girl has no obvious modeling credentials. However, we should not rule out that we will see the "blonde angel" on the covers of magazines or in films, because she has so much experience in these areas.


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