She proved that nothing is impossible! What does the world's shortest model look like, who is only 102 cm tall? Photo.

What the world's lowest model looks like

Dru Presta was born with achondroplasia, which manifests itself in dwarfism, in the small town of Reno in Nevada, USA. Because of her height, she suffered a lot of bullying from her peers. Today, however, Dru is a successful model and blogger who has managed to prove to the world that nothing is impossible.

The 27-year-old beauty is only 102 centimetres tall. But this does not prevent her from posing for fashion photographers, acting in lingerie, or even completely naked. OBOZREVATEL offers to see what the world's shortest model looks like.

As we have already mentioned, as a child, Presta faced the cruelty of her classmates and boys in the yard. She was the only one in her family to be born with dwarfism. In the small town where she grew up, people with achondroplasia were rare, so few people could understand what poor Dru was going through.


"They literally kicked me out in a really harsh way. They teased me and gave me offensive nicknames. I stood out and stood out from everyone else," said the 1.2 metre tall model.


However, no amount of humiliation and hurtful words could break Presta. Her relatives, by the way, were also in no hurry to protect little Dru, so she decided to run away from a place where they were not ready to accept her for who she was.


Growing up, she moved to Los Angeles and started modelling to break the boundaries of beauty standards in the fashion industry and inspire other people with similar problems to follow their dreams.


"I want everyone to be accepted in the fashion world. I want any person to be able to walk the catwalk just like any model - no matter if they are in a wheelchair or on crutches," the beauty shares in her blog.


Dru regularly shares her pictures, and is not afraid to pose in sexy lingerie or even naked. She has fully accepted and loved herself, which inspires other women to do the same.


"With my modelling photos, I want to prove that you can be sexy at any size. You can be super tall, average height or only 1 metre tall, and you can still be sexy and cute," Presta tells her audience.


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