The scandal with the trip to the Maldives. Honkovskyi went to the police because of threats from Ukrainians

Andriy Honkovskyi spoke about the threats over the Maldives scandal

Ukrainian businessman and blogger Andriy Honkovskyi, who got caught up in a high-profile scandal over his vacation with his lover, millionaire blogger Tania Prentkovych, in the Maldives, has addressed Ukrainians after a long silent pause. The entrepreneur complained that he had received many messages from his compatriots criticizing, hating, and even threatening him in connection with the scandal. Fearing for himself and his family, Andriy even turned to law enforcement.

The man posted this on his InstaStories. Honkovskyi noted that he doesn't want to return to social media as if nothing had happened, so he will tell everything gradually.

"These days I have received hundreds of messages of support from incredible people. And this is what gave me a lot of strength. Of course, there was tons of hate, it was hard not to notice... But I have repeatedly said that I understand the hate and criticism," said the civilian husband of one of the most popular Ukrainian influencers.

Andriy Gonkovsky addresses Ukrainians after the scandal

So, according to Honkovskyi, criticism and hate are acceptable things for him, but threats, especially against his family, are not.

"At some point, it crossed all boundaries. Threats to break my skull wishes that the plane with the whole family would crash, or messages like "Get ready, I know which school your child goes to." And a number of other messages that I had to take quite seriously. That's why I spent this time organizing the safety of the whole family. This is now the biggest priority. And law enforcement agencies will deal with each such case," Andriy said.

Summarizing, the businessman added that he has more to tell, but he will do so later. Finally, Mr. Honkovskyi decided to boast, somewhat inappropriately, that the scandal had not hindered his business. "The number of requests for consultations on launches has even increased," he said.

Andriy Honkovskyi talks about threats over the Maldives scandal

As a reminder, the businessman traveled to Poland for a charity event, having received permission as a volunteer, but ended up with his beloved and children in the Maldives. Outraged by this situation, Valeria, a Ukrainian and SMM strategist, decided to write to Prentkovych to hear at least some of the influencer's thoughts on the scandal. According to the blogger, who has more than 1.1 million followers, she and her lover "should" go on vacation to the Maldives because they "do a lot of good."

Meanwhile, the Center for Countering Disinformation responded to the scandal surrounding Tetiana Prentkovych and Andriy Honkovskyi. They strongly condemned the narrative that Ukrainians who help the military and civilians are "allowed" to vacation abroad. 

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, netizens found out that it is extremely difficult to travel to the Maldives on the spur of the moment. There are no direct flights to the popular luxury resort, and a flight from Warsaw to Male costs at least 40 thousand hryvnias.

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