Saving royally: 5 cases when Kate Middleton and Prince William's children wore each other's things

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Princess Charlotte and Prince George in the same clothes.

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton decided to follow the example of Princess Diana. She wears quite a few of her dresses more than once, and some of them are re-stitched to make the style more current. It helps to save a lot of money. The same habit Kate forms in her children. For example, Princess Charlotte was repeatedly seen wearing the same outfits at celebrations or casual outings.

Middleton and Prince William's kids not only have small closets, but they often appear in public in each other's clothes. Sometimes they get things from their dads. Read more in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Louis went out in public in George's jumpsuit

In 2014, Prince George attended a charity polo match in Cyrenaestra. At the time, Kate dressed him in a white and red jumpsuit and a white polo shirt. Five years later, Prince Louis, the boy's younger brother, arrived at a flower fair in Chelsea wearing the same outfit and sandals.


2. Windsor dress

Kate Middleton wore a 2008 Honiton gown for her children's christening. Not for lack of money, that's for sure. And the reason was tradition. It's an exact replica of the legendary outfit Queen Victoria once wore to baptize her children: it was worn by 62 children for 163 years.


3. Charlotte wore George's cardigan

In 2015, Prince George wore a navy blue cardigan to meet his newborn sister, Princess Charlotte. And a year later, the young lady wore the same closet item during the Royal Tour of Canada.


4. George wore Prince William's shorts

In 1984, Prince William saw his newborn brother Prince Harry for the first time at St. Mary's Hospital. At the time, he wore a white shirt with red embroidery and red shorts. Years later, in 2015, William and Kate's son, Prince George, wore the same look at his sister's christening, Charlotte. It is worth noting that the seamstresses slightly changed the style of the shorts, and the shirt was sewn new.


5. George was wearing a set for Prince William

In 1984, little Prince William attended Queen Elizabeth's birthday party wearing soft blue shorts and the same color shirt with ruffles. In 2015, little George wore the same outfit to another birthday party for Her Majesty.


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