Russians are furious about Orbakaite's concert in Germany on May 9: Pugacheva's daughter "bent over" for the "patriots"

Orbakaite will not perform on May 9 in Germany

Russian singer Kristina Orbakaite, daughter of pop singer Alla Pugacheva, has been caught in a scandal. The star, who moved to America, organized a tour of Germany, the last concert of which was to take place on May 9. Such an "unpatriotic" decision made Russians hysterical.

Citizens of the country were offended that the artist would entertain Germans on a "sacred" date. According to Russian propagandists, Orbakaite "sagged" and canceled the concert (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

It should be noted that Pugacheva's daughter did not speak out against the war in Ukraine. Despite moving to the United States, she continues to fly to Russia to shoot for propaganda TV channels and give concerts.


The Russian singer also travels around the world, where she freely arranges performances. In Germany, before the scandal, she had announced eight concerts with tickets priced between 2,200 and 11,500 rubles (from 1,000 to 5,000 hryvnias).

The first performance was to take place on April 29 and the last one - on May 9 in Ratingen. The furious Russians demanded that the concert be cancelled because it seemed "unpatriotic. After the scandal, propagandists said that Orbakaite made concessions.

However, the official version of the singer, which she told her fans in Germany - problems with visas. According to the star, some members of her team have not yet received permission to enter, so the performances had to be postponed.


Earlier, the Russian media spread rumors that Orbakaite condemned Kremlin terrorism in Ukraine, criticized her "blue-and-yellow" performance on TV, and wrote about "funding the AFU."

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, the singer supported her mother Alla Pugacheva with a track called "Alla will sing". Read more about it at the link.

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