Russian Irina Shayk disgraced herself in Cannes, desperately trying to attract attention: the model came in her underwear

Irina Shayk appeared in a vulgar look in Cannes

In 2022, Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, who got into a high-profile scandal over the fascist letter Z, disgraced herself on the Cannes runway. She was so desperate to attract attention that she stripped down to her underwear.

The star's evening outfit resembled a beach swimsuit. OBOZREVATEL decided to show the Russian's unfortunate outfit at this year's film festival (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

At the premiere of the British historical drama the Firebrand, Shayk showed up in a leather dress that squeezed her breasts and revealed her stomach. She tried to impress the guests with her toned body, but the photo shows that the paparazzi were not very active in taking pictures of her.


The Russian woman took into account her mistakes and came to the next premiere in only her underwear, covered with a transparent chiffon cape. She needed it not to cover her intimate parts, but as a fastener for rhinestones around her neck.


For some reason, she complemented the "naked" look with nylon gloves and the same high socks, over which she pulled on open sandals. The model combined such vulgar clothes with bright make-up and glasses, which she did not take off indoors.


On March 1 last year, Shayk called on her Instagram followers to donate money to help Ukrainian refugees. However, this is not surprising, because for the sake of a successful career abroad, where Shayk has been living for many years, fascist and dictatorial politics must be renounced.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that another Russian woman, Victoria Bonya, disgraced herself in Cannes with terrible make-up. Even her compatriots criticised her image.

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