Russian blogger Nekoglai, wanted in Russia, arrived in Odessa

Russian blogger Nekoglai (real name Nikolai Lebedev), originally from Moldova and followed by millions of users, crossed the Ukrainian border and stayed in Odesa. The other day he was put on the wanted list in the Russian Federation, where before that he had been tortured and beaten by Russian security forces from the Interior Ministry for 2 weeks.

The influencer said that he was going to Ukraine to give drones and cars to the AFU. He posted the first photos from Odessa to his Telegram channel (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

"How beautiful it is in Ukraine," Nekoglai wrote under the photo, taken against the background of the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. He also published a picture of graffiti with the words "There will be Ukraine free."


The next stop, according to the blogger, is Kyiv. He understands that in Ukraine he may meet ill-wishers, so he said in advance that he would not declassify the day, time, and way to the capital.

It should be explained that after the full-scale invasion, Nekoglai continued to live and work in Russia for several months, keeping quiet about the war, until one reckless video on the subject of the occupiers took him to court.

In prison before being deported from Russia to Moldova, the security forces humiliated, tortured, and beat the young man for several weeks, after which he declared that he would never speak about politics and fight the Russian regime again.

Since then, he has been actively covering Russian terrorism in Ukraine and trying to convince his acquaintances in Russia that the occupiers are committing genocide to a multimillion audience. Judging by the videos and photos on the blogger's pages, he helps Ukrainian refugees and the AFU. Thus, he promised to buy DJI Mavic 3T drones and cars for 100 thousand dollars. Of this, he wants to hand over to the military in their hands and make a video for subscribers from Russia.


The other day he was officially declared wanted in Russia, but it was not specified for what reason.


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