"Russia will come and it will be cool": Comedy Club producer talks about zombified classmates and diagnoses Bardash

Armen Ohanyan told about zombified classmates and spoke about the traitor Bardash

Armen Ohanyan, a former creative producer and screenwriter of the cult Ukrainian and Russian projects Star Factory, Comedy Battle, The Bachelor, and others, who was fired from TNT because of his pro-Ukrainian position, recalled his childhood in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. The media personality, who publicly condemned the war after February 24 and left Russia forever, stated with pain that after 2014, many traitors turned up in his former environment. In particular, the celebrity's classmates fought for the so-called "L/DPR".

Ohanyan realizes that propaganda has always been the strongest weapon of a terrorist country, so in 2014 there were many zealots in Kramatorsk who were sincerely waiting for Russia. The producer shared his memories in an exclusive interview with OBOZ.UA.

"My parents were sitting in the basement under the bombs in Kramatorsk, which is located very close to Sloviansk, where it all started, where all those Hirkins and all that scum were sitting. But my friends had relatives in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, and, frankly, even my classmates fought for the DPR and LPR. They all really believed that Russia would come and everything would be great! And propaganda has always worked well in Russia. Now people are more aware that it's a horror, but back then, few people realized what was happening," the producer said.

It is worth noting that Ohanyan himself was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. However, when he was two years old, the family was forced to flee and seek refuge in another country because of the Armenian pogroms. That's how they ended up in the Donetsk region.

''Russia will come and it will be cool'': Comedy Club producer talks about zombified classmates and diagnoses Bardash

Ohanyan visited Donetsk in 2014, before Russia started the war there. The producer visited his native land with his beloved to introduce her to his parents.

"My wife loves Ukraine very much. And even when we lived in Moscow, she dreamed of living in Kyiv. She was the one who introduced me to perepichka, telling me: "Are you a Ukrainian and don't know what perepichka is?" Then TNT fired me, and I started posting even more and giving out some information to the channel, for which TNT banned all my colleagues from communicating with me," the producer said.

Hovhannisyan also spoke about the position of the controversial music producer Yuriy Bardash, who is from Alchevsk, Luhansk region. After the full-scale invasion, the ex-producer of the famous bands Quest Pistols, Gryby, Nervy and the singer Wellboy began singing odes to Putin, glorifying Russia and the war against his native people. And not long ago, Bardash's cherished dream came true - he received the citizenship of a terrorist country.

''Russia will come and it will be cool'': Comedy Club producer talks about zombified classmates and diagnoses Bardash

Ohanyan commented: "I met Bardash once at a meeting. What can I say about this? It is a short-sighted choice to join a terrorist country at a time when so many crimes have already been proven."

Read the full interview with Armen Ohanyan on OBOZ.UA on Friday, February 23.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, in October 2023, Bardash said that Ukrainian stars had "gone too far" and he dreamed of a complete occupation of Ukraine. The artist wants the Armed Forces of Ukraine to lose in order to hug his friends who despise him and to appoint the clumsy track "Ice Melts Between Us" as the new "anthem of the peoples of Russia."

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