Russia is after Jamala's property in Crimea: the occupiers plan to "nationalize" it

Russian occupiers plan to "nationalize" Jamala's property. Source: Instagram/jamalajaaa

Jamala, a singer and Eurovision 2016 winner of Crimean Tatar origin who spent her childhood in Crimea, may lose her property on the temporarily occupied peninsula due to the so-called "nationalization". The list of those whose property is to be confiscated includes 110 Ukrainian individuals and legal entities, including former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk.

So far, this decision exists in the format of a draft resolution. The so-called head of the parliament of the temporarily occupied Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov, said that the reason for the illegal actions was allegedly "support for the Kyiv regime and sponsorship of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," i.e. donations for the Ukrainian military.

Russia is after Jamala's property in Crimea: the occupiers plan to ''nationalize'' it

"It is planned to add to the list of nationalized property new objects belonging to 110 people who support the Kyiv regime and sponsor the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Among these people is Susana Alimovna Jamaladinova, known as the singer Jamala, against whom a criminal case has been opened," the statement read.

The propagandist accused the singer of "committing unfriendly actions against Russia." According to the occupiers, any trace of Ukrainians on the peninsula "can harm the interests and security of Crimea and Russia."

Russia is after Jamala's property in Crimea: the occupiers plan to ''nationalize'' it

The propaganda media write that all the so-called nationalized property will be sold at auction, and the proceeds will be used to replenish the Russian budget.

Jamala was put on the wanted list by the Russians and arrested in absentia in November 2023. She was accused of violating a criminal article of the Russian Interior Ministry, but no one knows which one. Now Konstantinov claims that the singer is "wanted because of fake information about the Russian Armed Forces," meaning expressing hatred for the country that occupied her home.

Russia is after Jamala's property in Crimea: the occupiers plan to ''nationalize'' it

She soon responded to this accusation, "I couldn't sleep last night, I kept thinking, why me? All of us Ukrainians are fasting, traveling, donating, talking, and doing our best. Why me? Perhaps they are terrified by the influence, geography of countries and platforms that are available to me through my music."

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