Rich girl style: these 5 accessories will make any look luxurious. Photo

Accessories complete the look

Accessories complement and decorate any look, but they are often neglected, focusing only on clothes. This is a big mistake, because, for example, the famous "rich girl" style involves a lot of laconic details and jewellery.

With sophisticated accessories, you can turn even the simplest outfit into a style statement. OBOZREVATEL will tell you what to look for (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).


Massive and bright pendants have long been an anti-trend, but laconic chains should be in your jewellery box. One or more jewellery of different sizes made of silver or gold will add femininity to the look and visually make the neck look more graceful.



This practical element can also be an accent in a look. Modern designers and tech brands offer hundreds of options to suit every taste. You can rely on an elegant mechanical or smart watch without an excess of details and unnecessary buttons.


Ring earrings

When choosing ear jewellery, it is worth taking a closer look at laconic congo earrings. Wide options will look great at evening events and with your hair in a tie, while small earrings are comfortable to wear in everyday life.



Pearls are not a cheap accessory, but that's why they are considered to be the jewellery of wealthy ladies. A necklace, earrings or bracelet will add romance and elegance to your outfit.


Rings with a large stone

Diamonds are not the only stones that look luxurious on your fingers. There are many stones that sparkle beautifully in the sun and look expensive. One such ring can look more presentable than many finger jewellery made of cheap material.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about how to dilute a summer look so that it doesn't look boring. Add accents to it, and your every outing will be spectacular.

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