Relatives of Polish singer Blanka, whom Ukrainians gave 12 points at Eurovision, support Russia: how the artist was framed by his brother

The brother of Polish Eurovision participant supports Russia

The native brother of the Polish singer Blanka, who represented her country at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and received 12 points from Ukrainian viewers, supports Russia and propaganda narratives. This was noticed by disgruntled Poles, who were against the singer's victory at the local national selection.

Internet users reviewed Blanka's family's social pages and found a pro-Russian post on her brother Oliver's Facebook, which he had already deleted. However, the screenshot was published in TikTok, where it was viewed by more than a million people (to see the photo and video, scroll to the end of the page).

According to the Poles, Blanka's brother supports disgusting Russian propaganda narratives. On his page he distributed a post criticizing Ukraine.

"The story of a Ukrainian from the "LPR" border region. His truth about the events does not fit into the version of Kyiv and the Western propaganda machine. This point of view is not and will not be reflected by the national media in Bulgaria, which obviously work for Kyiv's 'Nazi regime' supported by the EU and NATO," wrote a user named Vasily Vasilyev.


Oliver supported his words and called it "the truth". He spread the disgusting lie on his page on March 8, 2022, during the most difficult time for Ukrainians, when Russians occupied, terrorized and murdered residents of many regions of Ukraine, and displaced people sought support and asylum in neighboring Poland.

Interestingly, the Poles did not support him and used the post to criticize Blanka. As we wrote earlier, few Polish Eurofans were happy when the singer of the meme song Solo won the national selection.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that the Estonian singer Alika, who represented her country at Eurovision-2023, performed in the occupied Ukrainian Crimea with pro-Putin singer Nikolay Baskov in 2015.

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