"Real ecocide of the XXI century": Nikityuk, Gorbunov, Bedniakov and other stars reacted to the bombing of Kakhovka HPP

The artists are outraged by the crime of the Russians

Russian occupants have committed another terrorist act in Ukraine - they blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. This crime poses a threat to the Zaporizhzhia NPP, could flood 80 settlements and leave residents of Kherson Oblast and Crimea without water. Ukrainian stars reacted angrily to the ecocide, once again reminding us that the Russians only know how to kill, destroy, and rape.

Ukrainian TV host Yuri Gorbunov wrote on his Instagram: "Another war crime by the occupiers! An ecological and man-made disaster! It is already officially announced! The Russians blew up the engine room of the Kakhovskaya HPP. Villages flooded, ecosystem of the whole region disturbed, danger of catastrophe at Zaporizhzhia NPP, the rods of which are cooled by waters of the Dnieper! Kahovskaya HPS can not be restored! This is the real ecocide of the 21st century! It is at this time that the UN, not a word officially about the crime, but attention - celebrates the day of the Russian language!"

Kherson-born singer Svetlana Tarabarova left the video on her personal blog, saying: "My Kherson... You were one of the first to go into the occupation and learned the horrors of the 'Russian world' on your own skin. When you were liberated, I cried with happiness, as hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians cried. I cried after every insidious shelling... Now they are trying to destroy you by blowing up the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant. Now there is an evacuation. The main thing is not to panic. Safety is paramount. We will be back soon. We will rebuild everything. And they can get only the first part of the word from Kherson! Because Kherson is first of all people! Indestructible people."


TV host Lesya Nikityuk stated: "Once again, let us wish everyone on the marshes to burn in hellfire. Human lives, houses, relict plants and animals kept in the Kherson swamps are all irrelevant to the Russians. All that Russia knows how to do is to destroy, to rape, to kill."


Host Slava Demin emphasized: "F*ckers and period! The last time the dams on the Dnieper River were blown up by Hitler's order was in 1943, when the Soviets began their offensive. It didn't help. And this time, nothing will help a bunker pissed out of fear grandfather!"


TV host Andrei Bedniakov addressed the Russians: "Today you blew up not a dam. Today you blew up once again the reputation of everyone in your terrorist country who has a red passport in the world. You should probably buy the cover. It might be embarrassing."


Journalist and blogger Kristina Reshetnik was also not left out: "Terrible news from this morning. Terrorists blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant. The last time dams on the Dnieper were blown up on the orders of Adolf Hitler was in 1943, during the Soviet offensive. And now here they are again... They think that this will stop the counter-offensive or our AFU. They are wrong! The process of Ukraine's victory is unstoppable! But it's hard to imagine what kind of man-made disaster awaits us. Now the most important thing is that people are evacuated and all measures are taken urgently!".

TV host and blogger Masha Efrosinina wrote in English on her blog, "There are no words. This is what happens when your neighbor is a bloody terrorist, a country where human life means nothing. Again, many people will die, animals will die. Thousands of Ukrainians will lose their homes, again and again."


Singer Alyona Alyona spoke emotionally about the Russian Federation's terrorist act: "The Russian army blew up the Kakhovka hydropower plant. This is yet another war crime by terrorists. This is a real ecocide, the consequences of which are difficult even to imagine... Nova Kakhovka. There flooded the amusement park, where the zoo was also located. The animals died... They destroy all living things. For them, there is no value in the life of any creature. The goal is genocide."


OBOZREVATEL recently reported that after Russian terrorists staged a bombing at the Kakhovka HPP, the United Nations, formed to support and strengthen international peace and security, declared a celebration of Russian Language Day. To learn more, read our material.

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