Putin's representative names participants of Russian Eurovision parody: 16 countries have agreed

Russian Federation tells about the participants of "Intervision"

The terrorist Russian Federation, which last year announced plans to hold an analog of the Eurovision Song Contest - the Intervision contest - is slowly moving towards its goal by inviting "friendly" countries to participate. As of now, according to a representative of dictator Vladimir Putin, 16 countries have agreed to participate.

Mikhail Shvydkoy, the Russian leader's special representative for international cultural cooperation, told the propagandists. However, he could not name each of the participants and limited himself to just a few countries.

According to the Russians, Latin America, Central Asia, and the CIS countries have shown "interest" in the new music event.

Moreover, according to Shvydky, even European countries are eager to simultaneously participate not only in Eurovision but also in the Russian parody of the popular show. Of course, Putin's representative did not provide any specifics, just empty words.

" China, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Cuba, and Brazil have confirmed their participation. More than 16 countries have finally confirmed their participation. And again, these are not the countries where we are quite active," Shvydky said.

Putin's representative names participants of Russian Eurovision parody: 16 countries have agreed

The competition is planned to be organized in late 2024 or early 2025. The venue has not yet been named, nor have the singers who will participate.

Intervision is a familiar term for listeners born in the Soviet Union. In 1977, a contest of this name was already competing with Eurovision and was a platform for propaganda. It did not last long and was hardly remembered.

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