Prince Harry did not mention his father Charles III, who has cancer, during a speech in Las Vegas

Prince Harry did not say a word about his sick father during his speech

Prince Harry, known for his aloofness from the royal family, attended the 2024 National Football League awards, but during his speech he did not even hint at his father Charles III, who is ill with cancer, or his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, who is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery. The day before, the prince had arrived in London at his father's request to visit him, and the very next day he flew home to the United States for no reason. It became clear why - the award ceremony.

Prince Harry shocked the audience with his appearance at the Resorts World Theater in Las Vegas, USA, at the awards ceremony, reports the Daily Mail. After all, on Tuesday, February 6, he visited his sick father at Sandringham Palace, and on Thursday, February 8, he already appeared at the NFL 2024.

However, the royal family's supporters were waiting for at least some mention of his father's health concerns, but he did not say a word about it in the midst of his loud speech. He only presented the Man of the Year award to Pittsburgh Steelers football player Cameron Heyward. "I'm shocked. It's Prince Harry," the athlete joked when he went on stage to receive the prize.

Prince Harry did not mention his father Charles III, who has cancer, during a speech in Las Vegas

It is known that Prince Harry stayed with Charles III for only 45 minutes. He didn't stay long in the UK, and the next day he was back home in Los Angeles. He did not meet with his brother, Prince William, or his wife, Kate Middleton, who had abdominal surgery.

"This crack is so deep now. And it showed that Harry is here [in London - Ed. It's so deep that I really wonder if it can ever be mended," royal expert Jenny Bond said about her thoughts.

The last time Prince Harry was in the UK was in May 2023 for the coronation of Charles III. However, they only officially spoke face-to-face at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. Therefore, Prince Harry's arrival in London in February of this year was unexpected for the royal family's supporters.

Prince Harry did not mention his father Charles III, who has cancer, during a speech in Las Vegas

As a reminder, Charles III successfully underwent corrective prostate surgery due to a malignant tumor. Upon his return home, a few days later, Buckingham Palace announced that the King would not be able to perform his duties due to the cancer that was discovered during treatment. It is not known what type of cancer His Majesty is suffering from.

Prince William has returned to public work. After undergoing abdominal surgery , his wife Kate Middleton needed help and support, which is why the couple's duties were temporarily suspended. Currently, the princess is undergoing rehabilitation at home, but tries not to quit her job and work remotely.

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