Prikhodko sang a Ukrainian-language song from Russia, Alekseev did not make it to the finals from Belarus: what Ukrainians at Eurovision represented other countries

Now this situation seems impossible, but in 2009, the Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko performed for Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Moreover, she sang a song with a Ukrainian-language chorus, which was originally entirely in Ukrainian. However, Prikhodko is not the only artist from Ukraine, who represented another country on the international vocal arena.

On the eve of the grand final of Eurovision 2023, which will be held May 13 in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine, OBOZREVATEL decided to remember these Ukrainian musicians. They tried to win the crystal microphone for another country, but none of them succeeded.

Anastasia Prikhodko represented Russia with the song "Mamo" in 2009

The career of the performer from Kiev began precisely in the Russian Federation. There she won the seventh season of the Russian "Star Factory", after which she signed a contract with Konstantin Meladze. However, in 2009, Prikhodko was going to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest, which, by the way, was held in Moscow. The singer participated in the national selection with a completely Ukrainian-language song "Mamo," but it turned into a huge scandal. Thus, Svetlana Loboda was sent to defend the honor of Ukraine, while Prikhodko went to Moscow as "her own.

The verse of the song "Mamo" became Russian-speaking, but the chorus was not translated, leaving the original language. Just think about it: in Moscow, the Ukrainian represented the current terrorist country at Eurovision with a Russian-Ukrainian song. Then Prikhodko took 11th place.

Eduard Romaniuta represented Moldova with the song I Want Your Love in 2015

If you remember, in 2015, Ukraine refused to participate in Eurovision because Russia unleashed a war in the east of our country, and before that it annexed Crimea. Eduard Romaniuta, a singer from Ternopil, really wanted to perform at the contest, so he went to the national selection in Moldova. The fiery guy was appreciated by the jury and the audience, so it was the Ukrainian who was assigned to represent the country at the vocal battle in Vienna, Austria. However, Romanyuta did not live up to expectations. He was number one in the first semi-final and did not pass to the next round.

ALEKSEEV represented Belarus with the song Forever in 2018

Nikita Alekseev, who now performs under the pseudonym ALEKSEEV, is a semifinalist of the project "Voice of the Kraini", his repertoire includes many hits: "Drunken Sun", "Oceans of Steel", "Dreams shards", "And I Pliva" and others. But the ambitious musician wanted to conquer the Eurovision stage. So he went to the national selection in Minsk, won there, and then went to Lisbon, Portugal, where the grand show was held.

In 2018, ALEKSEEV spoke warmly of Belarus and said he had a lot of fans there. However, the performer never made it to the finals. Having demonstrated a lyrical number in the first semi-final, he did not get the necessary number of points to pass on.

It should be noted that OBOZREVATEL conducted a text online broadcast of the first semi-final. Follow all the key moments with us.

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