Positive about the traitor Bardash: he always loved Russia, and even more - money

Positive explained the treacherous position of Yuriy Bardash

Popular Ukrainian rapper Oleksiy Zavgorodniy, better known by his stage name Positive, spoke out about the traitorous position of Ukrainian producer Yuriy Bardash. After the full-scale invasion, he began singing odes to the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, fled to Moscow, and recently received a Russian passport as a "reward" for his false propaganda statements.

Positive said that Bardash always treated the terrorist country with special love, but rather the bloody rubles he managed to earn there. The rapper spoke about this in an exclusive interview with blogger Bohdan Bespalov in cooperation with OBOZ.UA.

"Bardash has always loved the 'rashka', and even more the money it offers. For all traitors, there is no other value than money. They will exist in a closed market, mindlessly doing what they are told to do in order to be paid for it," Zavgorodniy said.

Positive about the traitor Bardash: he always loved Russia, and even more - money

At the same time, the rapper has no doubt that the ex-producer of the famous bands Quest Pistols, Gryby, Nervy and singer Wellboy will be successful in the aggressor country.

"People like him will be popular in the swamps, because there is the same mindless enslaved audience that listens to a conditional Shaman," Positive explained.

As a reminder, on January 23, 2024, Bardash announced that he had received Russian citizenship. He was photographed with a red passport against the backdrop of a portrait of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, as well as a rag that Russians call their flag. The Z-patriot from Alchevsk, Luhansk region, who has lived in Kyiv for many years, added that he "enjoyed" when the anthem of the terrorist country was played during the oath. Details are available here.

Positive about the traitor Bardash: he always loved Russia, and even more - money

In the fifth month of the full-scale invasion, Bardash scandalized the world by comparing the Ukrainian liberation war to the Nazi ideas of Germany during World War II. The Putinist's statements resonated with Ukrainians and partially ruined the life of his beloved, who immediately denied her husband's statements and soon even hinted at divorcing him.

However, this did not stop him, so the very next day, Bardash broadcast a new batch of nonsense about the victory of the "great and powerful" Russia on live TV.

In 2022, Bardash happily congratulated Putin on his 70th birthday, openly sucking up to him. The musician wished the terrorist jubilee "to rule for at least another 10-15 years." The producer called the Kremlin leader, who organized the genocide of the Ukrainian people, "the great ruler of the Russian lands."

And in October 2023, Bardash said that Ukrainian stars had "gone too far" and he dreams of a complete occupation of Ukraine. After losing to the Armed Forces, the artist wants to hug his friends who despise him and designate the clumsy track "The Ice Melts Between Us" as the new "anthem of the peoples of Russia." Details are in the article.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, after the scandal, Ukrainian musician and host Kolya Serga sarcastically noted that one should not accuse the producer of treason, as he had never been part of the Ukrainian people. The singer recalled how Bardash used to beat his ex-wife.

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