Our account of three victories: who has won the Eurovision Song Contest from Ukraine in the history of the contest. Photos and video

This Saturday, May 13, the grand finale of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest will take place. In 2023, the TVORCHI duo will fight for the crystal microphone for Ukraine. If they manage to conquer the audience and the professional jury, it will be the fourth victory of our country in the competition after 20 years of participation in it.

Ukraine first appeared at Eurovision in 2003 - the discoverer was Alexander Ponomarev, who took 14 places with the song Hasta la Vista, Baby. However, the next year, our country had a real triumph thanks to Ruslana and her "Wild Dances. OBOZREVATEL offers to remember all the winners from Ukraine in the international vocal arena.

Ruslana - Wild dances (2004)

Ruslana's exhilarating performance at the 49th Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey has become part of Ukrainian history because it was the first time when the blue-yellow flag was flying on the stage of a major show. The song Wild Dances is still considered to be one of the most popular hits in the history of the competition. In the semi-finals, the Ukrainian representative came in second place with 256 points, and in the finals, she broke her own record and got 280 points.

It's worth mentioning that this year a scandal broke out around Ruslana's participation as a Ukrainian guest star at the Eurovision Song Contest finals in Liverpool. The artist was not called to the show, and she was not silent about it. You can read how it was resolved in our story.

Jamala - "1944" (2016)

After 12 years, Ukraine again becomes triumphant of Eurovision. In 2016, the competition was held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, where Jamala came to represent our country with a powerful song "1944" about the deportation of the Crimean Tatars. The song is based on the real story of the singer's grandmother, but after Russia annexed Crimea and unleashed a war in Donbas, its lines became painfully clear to every Ukrainian.

On May 15, in the finals, Jamala scored 534 points and brought home a crystal microphone.


Kalush Orchestra - Stefania (2022)

In 2023, Ukraine should have hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, because in 2022 the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra won the contest with its track Stefania about the mother of the lead singer Oleg Psyuk. Because of the full-scale war, the show had to be moved to Liverpool, UK. As for the rap group, they managed to win the commitment of the audience in Turin, Italy.

The final was held on May 14, where Ukrainians according to the results of the audience voting and evaluations from the professional jury received 631 points, which was an absolute record for our country.


When the grand finale will take place and what you should know about it - read our article.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, this year the voting procedure for participants has been changed. Instructions on how to vote for the favorites are described in our article.

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