One mistake can ruin everything: at what temperature is it safe to machine wash tulle

Curtains take on most of the dust that comes in from the window

Curtains create a special cosiness and atmosphere in a room thanks to their ability to let in light from the street like a filter. But it is not easy to wash the delicate fabric they are made of. In particular, it is problematic to bleach it.

But, according to Kobieta magazine, there are several rules that will help you take good care of delicate textiles. First of all, it is about choosing the right temperature for washing if you are going to machine wash it.

Pay attention to the fabric

It's good if you still have the tag from the curtains or the fabric you used to make them - this way you can quickly determine how best to care for them. If not, be sure to identify the material you are dealing with before washing.

Most often, jacquard is used for sewing curtains, but you can also find velour or tulle. The last two fabrics are definitely better to wash by hand - they are too delicate for the machine. Jacquard, on the other hand, is completely machine washable.

In any case, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius - hotter water can ruin the fabric. Before putting a jacquard curtain in the machine, it should be placed in a special laundry bag. Choose a programme for delicate fabrics and do not turn on the spin cycle - this is one of the most common mistakes that can severely damage the item.

Choose the right bleach

Curtains take on almost all the dust that enters through the window from the street, so they eventually acquire a grey coating. This is especially true for white curtains, which are difficult to remove dust from. However, you can whiten them with the help of improvised means.

Start by soaking them. Put the greyed curtain in a bowl of warm water for at least a few hours. To start bleaching the item at this stage, add a few tablespoons of baking soda to the water. You can repeat the procedure if necessary.

A natural acidic bleach such as lemon juice, alcohol vinegar, or citric acid can help complete the process. Add one of these products before the last rinse. If you want to get rid of the vinegar smell, mix it with a few drops of your favourite essential oil beforehand. But then mix the ingredients thoroughly before adding the product to the water - poorly mixed oil can leave stains on white fabric.

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