"Oleh Vynnyk's fans threaten me": the clone of the "king of wolf women" gave the first interview and admitted why he hides his face. Exclusive

DISCOMAN on the left, Vynnyk on the right

The mysterious singer DISCOMAN is often called a clone or a double of Oleр Vynnyk. He does appear in music videos in looks very similar to the style of the legendary "king of wolf women", with blond hair, a leather jacket and extraordinary charisma.

OBOZ.UA managed to talk to the performer backstage at the Music Platform award, which recently took place in Kyiv. DISCOMAN told us why he hasn't revealed his real name yet and didn't show his face, which he hides behind huge dark glasses. He also admitted what profession he had before becoming an artist.

- Is this your first live performance in front of a large audience?

- In the summer, I was in Poland at a festival in the city of Augustów, where a disco music festival was held. We sang a song that we recorded in a duet with the Polish band Classic. The song Dla ciebie mój świat is now a hit in Poland, we are at the top of the charts. It's the first time we've appeared on the Music Platform. Today we presented our new song "Imena" (Names) to the audience.

''Oleh Vynnyk's fans threaten me'': the clone of the ''king of wolf women'' gave the first interview and admitted why he hides his face. Exclusive

- When people compare you to Oleh Vynnyk, how do you react? No offense, but you really do look very similar and even speak almost the same.

- I don't understand why people compare us: our music is very different, it doesn't overlap in any way. I have blond hair, but he's not the only one in show business who has it. Many of Oleh's fans write me personal messages on social media threatening me. But I always reply that I sincerely wish them love and peace. Believe me, a real Ukrainian woman will never insult another person. I correspond with some of his fans and try to make our communication as civilized as possible. I must say that many of Oleh Vynnyk's fans are also fans of DISCOMAN.

''Oleh Vynnyk's fans threaten me'': the clone of the ''king of wolf women'' gave the first interview and admitted why he hides his face. Exclusive

- Do you know his reaction to your videos? Does he write to you as well?

- No. We talked to his former producer, Oleksandr Horbenko, and met too, but it was just an acquaintance. There was no talk of cooperation. I would love to talk to Oleh. I know that he is currently in Germany. I think we can meet there very soon. We are planning to go on tour there soon. I will be sincerely glad to see Oleh Vynnyk at my concert performance.

- Before becoming a singer of DISCOMAN, what did you do?

- I was a musician too. Maybe you even know me under a different name. In fact, DISCOMAN is not hiding behind anything. I'm just trying to make new disco music. I don't copy anyone, I don't mimic anyone. I have no desire to take away a piece of bread from anyone, but I want to get my own audience. In real life, I am a very modest person who has just appeared on this Olympus.

- Do you have a family?

- Let's put it this way: the person who represents the image of this singer is doing well in his personal life, and DISCOMAN has a free heart because a creative person has to fall in love to create.

- Oh, so you're following the path of Oleh Vynnyk, who positions himself on stage as a bachelor, but in fact, according to the media, he has a wife and a child.

- No, no. I'm not hiding anything, it's just not the right time to talk about it yet. Our project has not yet gained such popularity for viewers to be interested in the performer's personal life.

- Don't you want to reveal your real name?

- Not yet. I want people not to ask me who I am, but to evaluate whether they like my music. I wear my big glasses because I want people to hear my music, not associate it with my personality. Meanwhile, we are working: we recently recorded a Christmas song and a duet with a Ukrainian superstar. We will be performing a Ukrainian folk song. We already have experience of duet work with Poles. We are currently negotiating with performers from Italy and Spain.

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