Oleh Skrypka justified men and women who have a bit on the side and criticized Lenin and the USSR government for prohibiting adultery

Oleh Skrypka justified adultery and called the "ban" on going left Soviet.

Famous Ukrainian musician and lead singer of the Vopli Vidoplyasova band Oleh Skrypka has whitewashed the reputation of people who cheat on their loved ones and said that loyalty should be decommunized. In his opinion, adultery became immoral only with the formation of the Soviet Union.

The star actively supports the equality of relationships and at the same time condemns it, calling it communism. In an interview with Olha Niemtseva for a telethon, he explained that both partners in a couple have every right to commit adultery if they do not feel love for their loved one.

When asked by a journalist about adultery on the part of his husband, Oleh Skrypka sharply replied "it's his business." "If he loves, he does not go to the left, if he does not love, he does." The question about adultery on the part of a woman received the same answer.

"This is her business. Neither the priest nor the journalist should tell her what to do, it's her business. Moreover, as far as I have read, a modern family has been living monogamously [having one sexual partner] only since the sixteenth century," he explained.

The singer himself claimed that he loves his wife, meaning that, according to his own previous words, he does not cheat. In his opinion, moral norms were invented in the USSR, and before that, people were free to "walk to the left."

"We, as a creature, have existed for millions of years [- Ed. 100 thousand years, so we had other forms altogether. And the fact that the Soviet government, grandfather Lenin, or some priests came up with the idea that we should go here and not go there... Everyone has to decide for themselves. Moreover, relationships between a man and a woman are not in trend today," the star said, referring to the alleged popularity of free and polygamous (multiple partners) relationships.

Oleh Skrypka justified men and women who have a bit on the side and criticized Lenin and the USSR government for prohibiting adultery

Interestingly, Skrypka considers equality, which is the basis of feminism, to be communism, which "should be thrown out of your head," but at the same time, he talks about things that are moral and acceptable for both the male and female sexes. The singer is afraid of women's struggle for their rights, but at the same time he says that it "excites him a lot."

In particular, in his married life, Oleh Skrypka still adheres to equality, because he is frightened by women who act in the same way as men sometimes do. 

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