Never wear them! Five skirts that are very fat and emphasize all the flaws. Photo

Not to appear fuller than it really is - the goal of many women who monitor their closets. The choice of the right silhouette and cut decide a lot about the overall appearance of the outfit, especially when it comes to skirts.

Legs catch the eye when others assess the slimness of the figure, so they need to know how to properly open and emphasize. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell which skirts are better not to wear, so as not to expose flaws (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).


Short skirts can accentuate slender legs but will play a bad joke with the magnificent hips. All the attention will be attracted to the mini length, and therefore to the flaws of the figure.


Drapery at the waist.

You don't want to accentuate problem areas, and drapery, embroidery, images, and other decor will do just that. Thus, the waist will seem wider and the silhouette will look more massive.



Owners of magnificent thighs should abandon the old-fashioned models with a bass, which divides the figure into two unequal parts, shortening the legs.


The plaid and striped skirt

Neither plaid nor horizontal stripes are good for fashionistas. A skirt with such a print is very fat. Only a vertical design can hide extra pounds and make the hips slimmer.



The "tulip" cut was popular many years ago, but even then it did not help to make the figure slimmer. Tapered to the knees, the skirt that fits around the hips distorts the correct proportions, emphasizes extra weight, and visually makes the calves look fat.


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