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Some of the stars' children were unhappy with their appearance

Children of world-famous stars are always in the spotlight of fans and paparazzi. Their appearance is compared to their famous parents, but it often happens that the offspring do not look like them at all. Sometimes they do not care about the opinion of others and stereotypes about the "apple and apple", and sometimes children turn to surgeons and beauticians with a request to correct facial features.

Usually the surgeries become quickly known to the public, so celebrities face a lot of heckling. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell which of the children of popular personalities appreciate natural beauty, and which wanted a change (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughters

The star couple has as many as three daughters, each of whom does not look like her parents. The eldest daughter, Rumer Willis, inherited her father's wide jaw, so she was complexed for a long time. As an adult, she decided to correct the problem area, pucker her lips and change the shape of her eyelids. The other two daughters of the stars loved themselves for who they were.


Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner's Daughter

Celebrity daughter Kylie Jenner, who became the youngest girl with a billion-dollar fortune, is also one of the clearest examples of how plastic surgery can change a person.


John Travolta and Kelly Preston's Daughter

Ella Travolta inherited her father's rough facial features and has long suffered from bullying for being overweight. However, this did not shake the confidence of the girl, who willingly appears on red carpets with her parents and does not abuse cosmetic intervention.


Tilda Swinton's Daughter

Honor Swinton has an atypical appearance for Hollywood, but she managed to conquer the directors. She considers her disproportionate features a highlight and is not tempted to pucker her lips or reduce her chin.


Stephen Baldwin's Daughter

Model Hailey Baldwin, now known as Bieber, succumbed to the influence of others and corrected her face. Few people remember what she looked like in her youth.


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