"Music really helps": Zelensky told how he starts his morning and spoke out about the threat to his life

Volodymyr Zelensky told how he begins his morning and spoke out about the threat to his life

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted that he tries not to think at all about the threat to his own life. He is aware that daily is one of the main targets for the Russian side, but does not dwell on it, so as "not to keep himself on a chain".

This comment came from the Ukrainian leader in an exclusive interview with CNN correspondent Erin Burnett. Zelensky cited the example of the terrorist dictator Vladimir Putin, who is maniacally fixated on his own security, that he literally does not come out of his bunker while his next doppelgangers appear in public.

"I'll be honest with you, if I thought about it all the time, I'd just shut myself away, just like Putin now, who won't come out of his bunker. You can put yourself in a cage, like an animal, and keep yourself there on a chain, constantly thinking that you are about to be killed. Of course, my bodyguards have to think about how to keep that from happening, and that's their job. But I don't think about it," admitted Zelensky.

The Ukrainian guarantor also talked about how he starts his morning. Zelensky said he likes to listen to his favourite songs - music distracts and helps. Sometimes the president even manages to find time to read a book.


"Alone I can be with music, that's true, or with a book. And early in the morning, when there are no sounds, no people, no one. I can just read. Think, think. And music helps a lot," he commented.

The president shared who he likes to listen to. In the playlist of the guarantor - foreign rock, as well as Ukrainian modern and old hits.

"I like AC/DC. And Ukrainian music - of course, I really like Ukrainian music, because Ukrainian is my native language. So you understand not only the music, you understand the words. AC/DC - I don't understand all the words. But I like the energy that AC/DC charges me for the whole day. Especially during practice at six or seven in the morning," Zelensky said.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Zelensky previously told where his children are now. Thus, 18-year-old Alexandra and 10-year-old Kirill, according to the Ukrainian leader, remain at home.

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