Mix of modernity and Edith Piaf: La Zarra from France performed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final with poignant lyrics. Photo.

The artist's song has a deep meaning

The grand final of the international song contest Eurovision 2023 took place on May 13. Representatives of 26 participating countries took to the stage, including La Zarra from France. She captivated the audience with her song Évidemment (Evidently), which combined motifs from the present and the past. Apparently, the singer was inspired by the work of Edith Piaf, as her track is reminiscent of the legendary vocalist's works. The performer wore a seductive black dress and a fancy hat.

La Zarra's real name is Fatima-Zahra Hafdi. She is 35 years old and of Moroccan descent. Euphonious fans may have noticed that Évidemment consists of lyrical verses and a catchy pop-electro chorus. OBOZREVATEL will tell you why the artist was chosen to represent France without voting and what her song is about (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

As it has become known, the TV contest to select the participant for this year's singing show in France has been cancelled. "It is evident that La Zarra will represent our country," said Alexandra Red-Amiel, Director of Entertainment Broadcasting at France Télévisions, in the autumn of 2022.


Fatima sang about heartbreak and the painful consequences of believing in empty promises. She wanted to convey to the audience that one should not believe everything that is said, and that difficult times, like happy ones, are inevitable.



In my infernal garden, flowers grow
That I water with my dreams, with my cries
Even if we were on top of the world
We couldn’t touch the sky with a finger

All of these beautiful promises that I hear
They’re nothing but wind

That before the sun comes the rain
That’s what we forget


Recently, OBOZREVATEL reported that Monika Linkytė, the Lithuanian representative at Eurovision 2023, made a touching appeal to Ukrainians, supporting our nation. She noted that Ukraine is now defending the whole of Europe.

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