"Mermaid Manicure" has conquered fashionistas around the world: what makes it special and why it has become a hit on TikTok. Photos and videos

"Mermaid manicure" is a new fashion trend

Most new trends are the fashion industry's response to important cultural and social events. The "mermaid manicure", which is actively gaining popularity in beauty salons around the world, is no exception.

The editors of Refinery29 believe that the new trend was triggered by two events at once - the opening of the summer holiday season and the release of Disney's remake of The Little Mermaid. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you what's special about nautical design and show you the latest ideas (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The "mermaid manicure" has no hard boundaries and no limits to imagination. All ideas are united by the marine concept and the mythical Little Mermaid. This manicure is dominated by blue shades, glitter, and imitation scales.


Popular decorations include sequins, pearls, shells and images of sea creatures. Particularly skilful nail technicians use gel to create the characteristic shape of a mermaid's tail.


The combination of blue and yellow polishes imitates the beach, and the gel imitates water drops. All of these ideas can be called "mermaid manicure" because they carry a part of their history.


Videos with step-by-step instructions have become popular on TikTok because it is interesting to see different visions of such a manicure.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about another bright trend of the season - floral nails. In spring and summer, dreamy, delicate, and romantic designs will look relevant.

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