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What the skirt should not be worn with

A skirt should be in the closet of every fashionista, and preferably not just one. Especially since brands offer such a variety of styles, lengths, materials and more. You can combine the skirt with any top: t-shirts, shirts, jackets, tops and so on. The same can be said about the bottom - shoes, sneakers, high-heeled boots and low-soled boots - the skirt will "make friends" with everything. However, it is important to take into account exactly what model you wear. For example, the mini should not be combined with a high heel, and a pencil skirt does not harmonize with a fitted jacket.

We love skirts, but wrongly style them - no. Therefore OBOZREVATEL offers to analyze the most common mistakes in this case. Try to remember them and avoid them in the future, so as not to look ridiculous.

Mini-skirt and high-heeled shoes


Stars often show off their long, gorgeous legs by wearing mini-skirts under high heels. It looks really spectacular. But only on stage or on the red carpet. But in everyday life, such a duet will be considered vulgar and inappropriate, and most importantly - long out of date. Observe the harmony and balance - wear under mini loafers, boots on a massive sole, trendy ballerinas and so on. And if you can not live without a heel, then under a short skirt, you can wear boots of medium height.

Pencil skirt and knee-high boots


The combination of a pencil skirt and this model of shoes looks shapeless and rude. It is better to wear booties or trendy low Cossacks.

Pencil skirt and fitted jacket


The fitted jackets (as well as any other outerwear of this cut) have long been gathering dust in the list of anti-trends. And in combination with a pencil skirt it looks completely outdated. Choosing an actual jacket, pay attention to the masculine style oversize styles made of textured materials.

Long skirt and short coat


An extremely common mistake is to wear a long skirt with a shortened coat. Such a combination was acceptable ten years ago. This disturbs the proportions, visually shortens the legs, and creates unwanted volume in the thigh area.

Skirt and flesh-colored tights


No matter what kind of skirt you wear - under it should not be flesh-colored tights. Especially anti-trend shiny tights or tights with the effect of "tan". Found these in your locker - safely throw them away. Instead, choose black tights, which visually slim legs and emphasize the elegance of the silhouette.

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