Madonna, Paris Hilton, Cardi B and others: five stars who stunned fans with terrible manicures. Photo by

Cardi B. is considered the queen of intricate designs.

We used to think that celebrities, who have a lot of money, set the trends in the fashion world. Often girls look up to them, repeating the style of clothing, makeup and manicures. But, it should be said that you should not always imitate the idols, because they can be a bad example.

OBOZREVATEL shows the most unsuccessful manicures of popular personalities. It seems to us that once in a lifetime, but every girl embarrassed by appearing in front of the public with untidy nails (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).


Have you noticed that the legendary singer Madonna very often appears in public wearing gloves? All her plastic surgery can't solve the problem of aging hands. Often the legendary singer neglects manicure and becomes a "tidbit" for the paparazzi. In the network, though not many, there are shots of the singer with terrible nails.


Paris Hilton

The famous socialite, who recently became a mother for the first time, even before the birth of the child, did not bother about the colors of coverage and nail design. We assume that the inveterate party girl did not always find time for a session at the manicurist. She was often greeted with loose gel and grown-off cuticles.


Cardi B.

Unlike Hilton, American hip-hop singer Cardi B. spends too much time at manicure specialists, as every time she literally shocks the public with an intricate design. It seems that the singer has never worn short nails and nude nail polish.


Lady Gaga

The same situation is with the vocalist and epatage lover Lady Gaga. The star is known not only for her scandalous outfits, but also for her manicure, which is remembered by fans for a long time. Unfortunately, others are sometimes intimidated by the singer's intricate master ideas. But maybe Gaga herself should be to blame?


Georgia May Jagger

The 31-year-old British model apparently has a huge love for Japanese cuisine. We don't know how else to explain her appearance in front of an audience with her nails depicting the island nation's trademark rolls. This design is, frankly, for a fan.


OBOZREVATEL recently told about manicure ideas with a rejuvenating effect. The right design can brighten the skin of the hands and return them to their former beauty. If you are over 50, pastel colors are your best friends.

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