"Made a choice": the reason for the silencing of the war by traitor Badoeva, who resumed filming in Russia, became known

The artist left Ukraine long ago

Zhanna Badoeva, the former host of the TV travel show "Orel i reshka," never once commented on the war in Ukraine, where she had lived most of her life and built her career, during the 14 months of full-scale invasion. Moreover, she resumed filming her program in Russia back in late 2022.

As Slava Demin noted in his YouTube project, the celebrity renounced her Ukrainian citizenship in 2019. Although the traitor moved to Kiev in the 90s and became famous thanks to Ukraine (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"Zhanna renounced her Ukrainian citizenship back in 2019. In September 2022 it became known that she continued to cooperate with Russian TV channels. In January, Zhanna Badoeva came under the sanctions of the SNBO. She has a travel show on one of the Russian TV channels and her broadcasts resumed in the fall," Demin said.


And the producer of "Orel i reshka" Evgeny Sinelnikov commented on the silence of the anchorwoman about the war. He stressed that the position of the artist does not cause doubts, because her thoughts and heart are with Ukraine. But Badoeva can not talk about the crimes of the occupiers, as she cooperates with Russian channels.

"I believe that perhaps circumstances are such that she cannot finish this contract. And she can't say anything... It's their life, she made her choice. Good luck," Zhenya narrated in an interview on the YouTube channel "Zirkoviy".


In 2015, Zhanna married a native of Lviv and businessman Vasily Melchinin, who has long lived in Italy. Rumor has it that the woman herself received Italian citizenship and fully settled abroad with her lover and children from Alan Badoev.

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