Russian comedian Klara Novikova performed in Moscow against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag

Klara Novikova performs in Moscow against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag

Russian comedian Klara Novikova, who was born and raised in Kyiv, graduated from the university there, and worked in many Ukrainian cities in philharmonic societies, gave her first solo concert in Moscow after a long absence, and immediately caused a scandal. In her monologue, she recalled her childhood in Kyiv, and therefore often switched to Ukrainian. But the biggest resonance was caused by the moment when an image of a blue and yellow flag appeared on a huge screen behind the artist.

The news that the comedian had "supported" Ukraine quickly spread in the propaganda media. However, Novikova hastened to justify herself for displaying the blue and yellow symbols at her concert. And she did so in a completely inept manner, saying that she "didn't know anything about it."

Novikova has always spoken openly about her love for Kyiv, but during the years of Russian aggression against Ukraine, she has never once defended her country. Moreover, the star visited the annexed Crimea, for which she was included in the Myrotvorets database, and also stated that "Ukraine and Russia are one people because they share the same language."

Interestingly enough, at her solo concert in the capital of the terrorist state, the artist did mention that Ukrainian is not Russian at all, and therefore unexpectedly switched to her native language.

"I am a Kyivan. I grew up and graduated from the 145th mathematical republican school in Kyiv... Thank you very much! I speak Ukrainian!" the propaganda media quoted some fragments of Novikova's monologue.

Russian comedian Klara Novikova performed in Moscow against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag

At this time, according to the same sources, photos of Kyiv streets were shown behind her, and at one point a picture of the Ukrainian flag appeared.

Of course, this caused great concern among Z-patriots and a desire to deal with the "pro-Ukrainian" star as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Novikova herself quickly disavowed the scandalous slide show at the concert. She decided to play the fool, saying, "I didn't know or see anything."

"I did not show any flag of Ukraine. I don't have one in my concert! I don't know, maybe they used some slides, but I was not looking at the screen! Is this my hall? I never have screens at my concerts. At the rehearsal, I looked at all the slides that were offered to me. I didn't see the flag there. In fact, it was the first time I had a concert in this hall," the comedian hastened to justify herself.

At the same time, Novikova again shared her memories of Kyiv and said that she was not going to renounce neither it nor her past. But she didn't miss the opportunity to "suck up" to Russia once again. Apparently, she was afraid that Z-patriots would not fully believe in her pro-Russian position after the scandal.

"No one did anything with malicious intent. There were photos of my favorite street in Kyiv! I was telling some stories from my childhood, from my youth. I lived in Kyiv, finished school there, went to college there. My parents are buried there, and my passport says that my place of birth is Kyiv. My friends live there! I cannot deny my childhood. I had a wonderful concert! If you knew how the audience was laughing... people came up to me and said that they were also from Ukraine. Many people live here who were born there, just like me. At the same time, I have been living here in Moscow for so many years: 50! I am very grateful to Russia and to the fact that I have made myself here," the artist summarized.

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