Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and other celebrity beauties who have had liposuction. Photos before and after

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The stars who went under the knife for a beautiful figure

Does liposuction help you lose weight? Not exactly. It partially removes excess fat in certain areas of the body. For example, on the abdomen. After one operation, it is impossible to become a slim person: doctors pump out a maximum of 2.5 litres of fat. That is, there will be no global weight loss. The rest of the results are the efforts of the person. These are sports activities and diets.

Which celebrities have gone under the knife and had liposuction in pursuit of the perfect body? Read the article in OBOZREVATEL.

1. Kim Kardashian

American television star, model and actress Kim Kardashian regularly goes in for sports and spends a lot of money on proper nutrition, visits to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. She does everything to look noble and luxurious. Once she even decided to undergo liposuction to have a flat tummy.


2. Jessica Alba

American actress, successful entrepreneur and philanthropist Jessica Alba is a mother of three. After the birth of her children, she could not get rid of her belly. Neither strict diets nor exhausting sports activities helped. Eventually, the celebrity decided on laser liposuction. Now she has an athletic figure and a longed-for flat stomach.


3. Britney Spears

The American singer, dancer and actress Britney Spears had psychological problems for some time, which led her to give up dancing, sports and healthy eating. This affected her appearance. Later, the star pulled herself together: she resumed her gym sessions and changed her menu. She was still not satisfied with her appearance, so she went under the knife and scalpel. Abdominal liposuction helped her regain her desired shape.


4. Tara Reid

American film actress Tara Reid has repeatedly turned to surgeons to help make her tummy "perfect". The first attempts were unsuccessful: her body was disfigured. Only the third time was it possible to correctly correct her figure. To straighten Tara's stomach, the doctor performed a repeated liposuction procedure.


5. Courtney Love

The American singer, guitarist and film actress Courtney Love underwent not only liposuction but also a stomach reduction to achieve a slim figure. Soon, the star gained back the pounds she had pumped out. For the next weight loss, she took the tried-and-tested route - another liposuction.


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