Jerry Heil will compete for the right to represent Ukraine at Eurovision for the third time: what songs brought her failure and how Teresa & Maria sounds live

Jerry Heil will compete for the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time

This is not the first time that singer Yana Shemayeva, who gained recognition for her song "#Okhrana_otmena" and is currently topping the charts with Teresa & Maria, will participate in the National Selection for Eurovision. Her performances at the music contest began in 2020. Although they were not entirely successful and brought a lot of disappointments to the singer, Jerry Heil has a lot of fans today.

The work of Jerry Heil can be divided into two bright periods: when the singer created easy-to-remember and relaxed tracks, and songs with important connotations and symbols. Her second period began with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, during which Shemayeva will participate in the National Selection for Eurovision for the second time. This year she will perform in a duet with rapper alyona alyona. OBOZ.UA has collected all the songs performed by Jerry Heil at the song contest and will tell you why they did not bring the singer victory.

"#Vegan". Eurovision 2020

Having gained popularity thanks to the song "#Okhrana_otmena", 23-year-old Jerry Heil took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 for the first time with the track "#Vegan". She managed to make it to the final, but came in sixth place. She received a lot of criticism because of the dramatic change in her performance in the final and received only 2 points from the jury and the audience. According to the audience, both the song and the performance were too weak.

"When God Shut the Door". Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Jerry Heil sang about the spirit of the Ukrainian people during the war, that "if God closes one door, a new one will always open." The song received a lot of support from the audience, which gave her 9 out of 10 points in the audience vote, but the judges did not rate the performance as highly, so they gave the singer only 8 points. In total, she received 17 points and took third place.

At the time, the singer said that she did not plan to participate in the National Selection for Eurovision anymore, but in 2024 we will see her on stage again on February 3 in a duet with alyona alyona.

"Teresa & Maria". Eurovision 2024

This year, the singers are predicted to win the National Selection. The song tops the charts, it's covered, and foreigners are shocked by the singing. But as much as it is adored, it is also disliked. Mostly, people hate the chosen persons about whom the artists sing: The Virgin Mary and Mother Teresa. The singers explained in the episode of "Breakfast with 1+1" that Mother Teresa is not really bad, and that she is used in the song only as a symbol.

"We had doubts about this figure. When we wrote the song, we realized this. This is not a song about the Virgin Mary or Mother Teresa. They are used as symbols of charity, love, this is a song about unification, about how important it is to do good deeds to unite the world," Jerry Heil explained the idea of the song.

Later, Jerry Heil and alyona alyona sang their new hit live. Commentators liked the clear voice, but some still noted that there was too much backing vocals, which could raise doubts about the purity of the sound.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that bookmakers predict that "Teresa & Maria" will win the National Selection. The results coincide with the viewers' choice.

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