Jared Leto in a cat costume and Kim Kardashian in pearls: the weirdest looks of Met Gala-2023

The stars were surprised with their looks at the Met Gala-2023.

That night in New York City, the most anticipated fashion event of the year for big-name designers and stars took place - the Met Gala-2023. The evening was dedicated to the work of the late German "fashion king" Karl Lagerfeld, who was the constant chief designer of the Italian fashion house Fendi and French Chanel and created collections for Chloé.

Celebrities paid tribute to his collections, and some of them decided to impress fans and guests with their original approach. See how it turned out (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Jared Leto in the costume of Lagerfeld's favorite cat

In 2011, the fashion designer got a Burmese cat, Shupette, which he loved with all his heart. He bequeathed $252,5 million, often took it with him on red carpets and called it his only love. Knowing this detail from Lagerfeld's biography, singer Jared Leto appeared on the track in a cat costume, under which was his main outfit.


Pedro Pascal in Valentino

The American actor of Chilean origin abandoned the classic suits and came out to the paparazzi in shorts and high socks. He complemented his "beach" look with a scarlet coat, the same color shirt and tie.


Lil Nas X in Underpants

American rapper Lil Nas X surprised with a glamorous image, which consisted of underpants and rhinestones. The star's body was covered in shiny gray paint, and his face and neck were covered in decorations. The bow looked bold, though a little creepy because of the lack of facial expressions on the rapper's face.


Elton Mason.

The model chose a "wedding" jumpsuit, massive boots, and a veil for the social event. All elements were decorated with lace, and a long train stretched behind the model.


Kim Kardashian in pearls

The star of every Met Gala did not disappoint her fans. This time she wore a delicate outfit that barely covered the beauty's body. The top of Kim's dress was like a pearl necklace, through which the neckline was visible, and the waist was emphasized by a corset. The image turned out to be frank, interesting, but not vulgar.


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