Jamala admitted that she did not tell the organizers about her intention to shout "Glory to Ukraine" in the final of Eurovision 2023: she was afraid that they would cut it

Jamala shouted "Glory to Ukraine" in the final of Eurovision 2023 without the organizers' knowledge

Famous Ukrainian singer Jamala performed at the opening of the grand finale of Eurovision-2023 as the winner of the contest in 2016. She performed a small fragment of her winning composition "1944", and ended her performance with the cry "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!"

As you know, Eurovision is considered a completely apolitical platform, and such displays can have serious consequences. Anticipating that the organizers will not allow saying these important words in front of a huge audience in the hall and at the screens, Jamala did not tell anyone about her intentions. The singer told about this in InstaStories on her page.

At the rehearsals of the number Jamala did not exclaim the Ukrainian patriotic greeting and until the end was not sure that this moment will be left on the air after the end of the finale.

"I was rooting for our people and, of course, a little bit for myself. Because at all the rehearsals I hid the final song. I was worried that they would cut it," the star admitted.


"Thank you, UK, for staying on the air," the artist added.


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