It's high time to throw them away! These jeans have become a sign of bad taste. Photo

Jeans models that should have been thrown away a long time ago

Jeans are in the closet of every fashionista without exception. The cyclical nature of fashion shows us that some models return to the trend lists after 15-20 years. So, a few seasons ago, everyone was buying 90s high-waisted jeans. The more vintage, the better, they said. Today, we're inspired by the aesthetics of the 00s. But there is a list of jeans that are definitely out of the fashion and they will never be trendy again.

So, in 2023, we should stop wearing accent details on jeans. Unless, of course, we're talking about cardigans with voluminous pockets. But any drawings, stripes, zippers and necklines are inappropriate. OBOZREVATEL spills the details on anti-trend models.

Jeans with zippers


In the age of minimalism, this kind of decor looks out of place and ridiculous. It literally screams of a lack of taste. Jeans with zippers in the front, back and side areas looked a little strange even at the peak of their popularity, and now it's definitely time to get rid of them once and for all.

Jeans with big holes


Grunge style has finally faded into the shadows in 2023, so you can forget about it. The jeans with big holes everywhere were replaced with elegant and feminine style.

Jeans with stripes


Jeans with such accent details have become one of the main anti-trends this year. Bright stripes will be appropriate at most on sports pants. You should remember that brevity and femininity should prevail in your closet if you claim to be a fashionista.

Jeans with embroidery


Leave jeans with this print for seven-year-old beauties, but grown-up girls risk making their look inappropriately infantile with them. Don't emphasize bright accents this season and choose monochrome options. They not only look much more stylish, but also easily fit into any outfit.



There was a period when jeggings were worn by everyone without exception, but fortunately this period is over and no longer plans to come back to us. Such models will not only ruin any look, but also emphasize all the flaws and irregularities of the figure.

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