It's better not to repeat it! The worst ideas for manicure, which became a fatal mistake of fashionistas. Photo

Some manicure designs are better not to repeat

Experiments with appearance, at times, lead to terrifying consequences. For example, fans of atypical nail designs sometimes shock online users with their ideas and the end result.

It can be a terrible job master, a hideous design or impractical shape, but most fashionistas are unanimous in their opinion: such a manicure is better not to repeat. OBOZREVATEL decided to collect photos of famous and discussed designs (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Some experimental women do not just change the shape and length of the nail, but disguise it altogether. For example, under the teeth.


A more common impractical idea among young beauties is extremely long nails. Usually such an extension is easy to accidentally tear off along with its plate.



Women who are tired of the usual coating, glue artificial fur on their nails. Obviously, it quickly loses its attractive appearance.



Chasing crazy online views and reactions, fashionistas apply themselves dozens or even hundreds of coats of nail polish, which looks downright sloppy.



Do not even think about the strange and often disgusting figures that the bold beauties sculpted from gel-lacquer: intimate organs, gurgles, animals, etc.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL told us that square nails are back on top of popularity. Punk design and French nails will look especially stylish with this shape. To find out the best coating options for the square - go here.

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