It makes you look 10 years younger! The best color of clothes for women over 40 is named: it's at the peak of fashion this spring

What colors are suitable for women over 40?

It's no secret that with the right image you can adjust your figure, express yourself and even look younger. In this will help not only the style and cut of the clothes, but also the color. In particular, there is a shade that will help stately women to visually get rid of 10 years.

About this tiphack told the editors of the website Super. It is a bright color, because the basic shades, though they look stylish, have almost no effect on the perception of age (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

To look 10 years younger, you need to pay attention to bright pink things. In spring and summer, such clothes will not look mottled, but will give colors to the outfit and tell about the courage of the lady.


It does not have to be a total pink bow, consisting entirely of neon shades. It is enough and a few elements that will set the right accents.

Pink is the color of femininity, romance and youth. It is able to soothe, uplift and inspire. Different shades of pink suit every woman of any age.


It is considered successful images with a dress or skirt of the corresponding color, but you can safely pick up jackets, blouses, pants and jackets of bright material.




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