Instagram vs reality: how Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and other celebrities look without filters

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Celebrites posting retouched photos on Instagram.

On social networks, everyone can make a real model of herself: clear cheekbones, a slim waist, slender and long legs, perfect skin and thick hair. All you have to do is add some filters and Photoshop. Except then it's not easy for these ladies to perceive reality. It is more difficult to look at themselves in the mirror, because "there" is not the same as in the photo.

Find out what star beauties carefully process photos before uploading them to Instagram. Read more in the material OBOZREVATEL.

1. Jennifer Lopez

American actress, singer, dancer, producer and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez in her 53 years looks luxurious. All thanks to a proper diet, timely visits to a cosmetologist and active exercise. However, she is not as successful with photoshop as she is with her own health. In every photo, she removes facial wrinkles and greasy shine from her face and Venus rings on her neck. The results are amazing. But after all, J. Lo isn't 20 anymore.


2. Dua Lipa.

British singer, songwriter and model Dua Lipa corrects not only her face, but also her entire body in photos. This is especially evident in the pictures from the beach vacation. The celebrity adds to her tan, "reduces" the waistline and hardly noticeably draws the cubes. She already has a trim figure. But the girl herself, it seems, is not satisfied with everything.


3. Selena Gomez

American actress, singer, designer and model Selena Gomez has well-groomed skin and pretty facial features. In 2015, the celebrity was diagnosed with lupus, which caused her to gain weight. Now Selena has so much complex that she hesitates to post real photos (without filters) on the networks. She evens out her skin tone, enlarges her eyes and changes the oval of her face, making it thinner.


4. Kim Kardashian

American television star, model and actress Kim Kardashian gives the illusion on Instagram that the page is not held by a real person, but by a wax figure. In all the photos her skin is perfectly smooth and without expression lines (and she is 42 years old). Also - her lips are more plump than in reality, her nose is thinner, and her eyes are bigger. A makeup effect? No, the magic of photoshop.


5. Katy Perry

American singer and songwriter Katy Perry looks natural in the photos the paparazzi took


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