In which room you should not put an orchid: a particular threat to men

The myth that orchids don't belong in the bedroom arose for a reason

The orchid has been a coveted flower for many indoor plant lovers for many years. During this time, the plant has managed to acquire a whole bunch of superstitions. For example, it has gained the fame of an energy vampire and a female flower that can be dangerous for men.

OBOZREVATEL collected negative prejudices about orchids. And tried to figure out where they came from and whether they are true.

Vampire plant

This is probably the most common superstition associated with the flower. It is considered an energy vampire, capable of sucking the life force out of everyone who is in the same room with it. Surprisingly enough, this myth did not arise out of thin air.

Like any flower, the orchid negatively affects people with allergies because of its pollen. And the symptoms of hay fever are very unpleasant: fatigue, headache, nasal congestion, itchy skin, and watery eyes. However, the plant can also affect the well-being of people who do not have this feature. Orchid pollen, if it is not phalaenopsis, can cause drowsiness. Hence the feeling of fatigue that sometimes occurs in those who grow this plant.

Nighttime ghost

Folk superstition also does not recommend putting an orchid in the bedroom. Allegedly, it is active at night and sucks the strength out of people while they sleep.

And again, there are quite good reasons for this. If you are sensitive to orchid pollen, then you have the best chance of being inspired by it at night, when you spend 7-8 hours next to the flower. No wonder you may get up in the morning feeling exhausted. So really move the plant to another room or at least put it away from the bed.

Repeller of men

Orchids have long been associated with femininity and feminine energy. This is the fate of almost all beautifully flowering plants. At the same time, these flowers are credited with the ability not only to enhance the charm of the female owner, but also to drive men away from her. They say that a lonely woman with an orchid in her house will not be able to find a mate because of it. There is no rational explanation for this superstition.

Nor is there a rational explanation for the superstition that attributes to the plant the ability to suppress male energy, to make its owner more feminine and less attractive. However, this is why orchids are recommended to be kept in rooms where men are least likely to be. Men are advised to grow anthuriums instead. This plant is credited with masculine energy, which helps to reveal the masculinity of its owner. But, again, these superstitions remain unfounded. And whether you believe in them or not is up to you.

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