"I made her respect the law". It became known how the public conflict between Poliakova and Bilozir ended

Poliakova's producer tells how the scandal between Poliakova and Bilozir ended

The conflict between Ukrainian singers Oksana Bilozir and Olia Poliakova over the "theft" of a song has not subsided for over a year. According to Mykhailo Yasynskyi, Poliakova's producer, Bilozir threatened them with a lawsuit over plagiarism. The singer herself claims that there was no quarrel.

In an interview with Slava Domin, Bilozir explained that she had conducted an educational procedure, but the case did not go to court. "She is a good girl, ambitious, correct, but she made a mistake... It was not a conflict. I just made her respect the law," the singer said.

However, in an interview with Glavkom, Yasynskyi explained that Oksana Bilozir did not write the melody to the song "Candle," which Poliakova allegedly plagiarized, from scratch, but borrowed it from composer Myroslav Skoryk.

"Plagiarism is the performance of a song that you call your own when the song actually belongs to another creator. Oksana Bilozir did not write this melody. Her song was completely different. We did not make a commercial product, we never used Olia's song "Lullaby of Ukraine" for commercial purposes. We informed Myroslav Skoryk's descendants about it," Yasynskyi explained.

According to the producer, it can be understood that the legendary composer's descendants allowed the use of his melody. However, Oksana Bilozir tried to get monetary compensation for "copyright infringement," even though Poliakova's lyrics were unique and not at all similar to the "original."

"There was talk of some kind of monetary compensation, but it did not come to specifics. It was over before it started. Ms. Bilozir then hinted at the courts. The question to her is: what is she planning to sue? No one denied Skoryk's authorship. It was unprofessional use of the author's melody for non-commercial purposes. We just wanted to record the song. That's what we did, together with the author of the lyrics, Oleksandr Vratariov," the producer continued.

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