"I am not ashamed of Olesia Zhelezniak": mother of the Svaty star on the relationship with Russian actors

Sonia Stetsenko started acting in Svaty at the age of six

Actress Sonia Stetsenko, who played a granddaughter in Svaty series, admits that despite the great experience she had on the set, she has some bad feelings about her work in the series. It's all because of the Russian actors who have been traveling to Ukrainian film sets for years, and now they are actively supporting Russian aggression.

Svitlana Stetsenko, the actress's mother, who was with her daughter during the filming, explained to OBOZ.UA why she is not ashamed of actresses Tatiana Kravchenko and Olesia Zhelezniak, who are running around on Russian propaganda channels and defaming Ukraine.

''I am not ashamed of Olesia Zhelezniak'': mother of the Svaty star on the relationship with Russian actors

When Svaty was filmed in Moscow, Sonya Stetsenko and her mother stayed for almost three weeks with actress Tatiana Kravchenko, who plays Zhenia's grandmother in the script. As you know, the actress, who was born and raised in Donetsk, is now actively supporting the Kremlin's aggression. Sonia's mother Svitlana Stetsenko recalled in an interview, "When we arrived for the filming of the New Year's episode, we were given an apartment that was not suitable for living. I was scared to stay there with my child even for one night. I called Tatiana, 'Let us stay with you for one night while you find us another place to live.' In the morning, she called back to those who were in charge of the settlement and said, 'They don't need to look for anything, they will stay with me'."

In a commentary to OBOZ.UA, Svitlana Stetsenko says that she is grateful to Tatiana Kravchenko for the shelter but admits that it hurts her to hear the horrors Kravchenko is making up about Ukraine. Svitlana Stetsenko is surprised: Russian actors have always been treated like dear guests here, with the best working conditions. The actors lived here not for weeks but for months, so they know perfectly well that no one harassed Russian-speaking Ukrainians, but they theatrically complain about it in the Russian media.

"You know, the filming of Svaty was a long time ago," says Svitlana Stetsenko, "14 years have passed, it is like another life. We talked, wished each other happy birthdays when those days fell on filming. And that was it. After filming, we didn't talk to anyone."

"I shared a room with Olesia Zhelezniak, who plays the main characters' neighbor Larysa Bukhankina, in Crimea for almost a month when we were filming the next season," recalls Svitlana Stetsenko. "What do I feel when I hear her talking about Ukraine now? Nothing, because she is not a person close to me for whom I could be ashamed. I'm not disappointed because I've never been fascinated by her. Don't look for "good Russians" in that country, they are not there. They're all trying to find a warm place and nothing else matters."

Actress Sonia Stetsenko recalls her work in Svaty as follows, "If you watch the series very carefully, you can see both my mother and brother in the extras. My dad also came to the set often, but we didn't have time to shoot him. For me, Svaty is a good childhood memory and a very cool experience. But when I start to think about my colleagues... Because of the full-scale invasion, I don't feel very good, because the Russian actors who play the main roles support the Kremlin's aggression."

Actress Olesia Zhelezniak says in her interviews that "Ukrainian soldiers are beasts who hate Russians," while the Russian military are "nice and kind people." The Svaty star, who has probably already been brainwashed by propaganda, accused Volodymyr Zelenskyy of "wanting to kill her children".

She said, "I don't know what kind of metamorphosis should happen to a person, I really don't know... So it happened. Sometimes I even ask myself, "Volodymyr, did you really hate me so much that you want to kill my children?".

The patriotic Zhelezniak has relatives in Ukraine but claims that they are "on drugs". "My cousin Sasha, with whom we don't communicate now, thinks that I am on drugs. His father reached Berlin, his entire chest was covered with medals. Sasha cannot hear. And now we don't even talk."

At the same time, Tatiana Kravchenko publicly declared President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy "her personal enemy."

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