"I am a pensioner and a housewife": traitor Lolita cleans the floor after being canceled in Russia. What she will do now

Lolita said she was going to be a housewife

Pop singer Lolita Milyavskaya, who was born in Mukachevo, Transcarpathia, and now lives in Moscow and supports the terrorist Putin regime, no longer hopes to regain her popularity and favor with the Kremlin. All because of the "naked party" of TV presenter Anastasia Ivleyeva, where the traitor was seen crawling in a vulgar outfit on all fours.

Like all the participants in the scandal, the artist paid for her actions by having her concerts on New Year's Eve canceled. On her social media, Lolita admitted that she would now get used to the role of a housewife and pensioner.

Lolita got in touch with fans, showing how she cleans the floor with the mop

"Everything is from God. I hadn't cleaned the apartment for so long that the Lord decided to deprive me of my concert work. I'm a pensioner and I'm getting used to being a housewife... And spring is coming soon, so the bushes need to be trimmed," Lolita wrote.

She recorded a video for her fans, in which she said that she was receiving calls from people who cared about her future. At the same time, the singer herself mentioned that she hadn't cleaned the floor at home for two months.

Lolita at a scandalous ''naked'' party''

Against the backdrop of the scandal, the artist decided not to argue with the Kremlin and angry Russians but simply to accept the fate of a singer forgotten by everyone.

Another traitor to Ukraine, Anna Asti, is facing a similar fate. Russia wants to deprive her of her citizenship. Because of the "naked party", the artist lost a potential 6.5 million hryvnias as her performances were canceled at the Moscow club Gipsy.

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