How to wash a shower curtain so it shines clean and doesn't get ruined: a tiphack

Mildew often develops on the curtain, which should be removed in time.

The health of all occupants of the house depends on the cleanliness of the bathroom. After all, because of the constant humidity in this room is almost the highest risk of mold development. And most often the problem appears on the shower curtain. Therefore, it is important to care for it carefully and wash it in a timely manner.

Sante Plus has compiled several ways to clean your shower curtain. These methods will help keep it in perfect condition and keep your bathroom hygienic.

Salt Soaking

Regardless of the material of which the curtain is made, it can be soaked in a solution of salt to clean it. To do this, fill a basin with warm water and add a few tablespoons of common salt. Put the curtain in this water and let it soak for several hours. If it still has stains, wipe them off with baking soda and a sponge. Then rinse the thing and let it dry.

Soaking with bleach

A good remedy against mold is a chlorine-based household bleach. But make sure in advance that it will not damage the material from which the curtain is made and will not discolor it. Next, mix the bleach with water in a 1:4 ratio and dip the thing in this solution for 10-15 minutes. Such soaking is especially effective for removing mold stains on fabrics.

Soaking in white vinegar

Vinegar is the environmentally friendly and least aggressive remedy for mold. Soak the curtain in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar for an hour and wash it normally. You can also add a cup of vinegar to the conditioner compartment while washing the curtain in the washing machine.

Lemon Juice Treatment

If you can't get rid of mold stains, a regular lemon can help. Place the curtain on a flat surface and carefully wipe the soiled area with half of a fresh fruit. Leave the juice to act for at least an hour, then rinse the curtain and let it dry.

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