How to turn pain into a driving force for positive change in times of war

How to turn pain into a driving force for positive change in times of war

War is undoubtedly the most difficult challenge that can be faced by the society and each individual person. Insecurity, pain and unknown future belong to the important challenges of conflict situations. In such negative periods the ability to enjoy life may seem an unattainable dream.

However, even in the midst of chaos and tragedy, people show an unimaginable life force and the ability to find joy in the most extraordinary and unforgiving environment. I, as a psychologist, want to study this great power of human soul, which allows to find light and hope even in the darkest hours.

In this article we will look at the psychological mechanisms that help people to preserve the feelings of liveliness and joy when facing the trials of war. We will learn strategies to help people preserve mental health during conflicts and find ways to turn pain into a destructive force for positive change.

With the help of practical tips I will show you that despite the harsh realities of war, the human spirit can be extremely strong, with the ability to enjoy life and inner strength opening up new prospects for experiencing and overcoming the darkness.

During the war, it can be extremely important to preserve the feelings of liveliness and joy, thus some approaches can help you find peace in these halves of difficult times:

Keep positive thinking

First, it is important to realize that you are in control of your thoughts, not vice versa. Therefore, you are personally responsible for where your thoughts are directed and what you focus your attention on!

It is necessary to learn not to catastrophize everything that happens but to focus on the positive aspects. Look for rational arguments with hope, wisdom and optimism and consider not only the worst but also the best option for solving any situation. This is how you can fix your thoughts.

Live in the moment

In order to enjoy life to the fullest and have the resource, take care of yourself and satisfy your basic and usual needs: enjoy a good meal, good sleep and an active way of life. Pay special attention to your health and take care of yourself, keeping the usual comfortable lifestyle, to which you have become accustomed.

Be useful to the society

To achieve success and satisfaction in life, it is important to be efficient and engaged in activity. Direct your attention to the professional development and assistance to those who care for you. It will be beneficial not only for you but also for them too.

Every finish is a start: be aware of opportunities rather than problems

Do not be afraid of stressful situations, because they can become unimaginable opportunities for development and changes in your life. A great number of people have already been able to evaluate their past, see the situation from a new perspective and open new facets of their personality. For some, it was a chance to start a new life in a different country, city or with new people. Some was able to realize their dreams and became an entrepreneur, having found it easy to thrive in a competitive environment. In the new reality there are tons of potential opportunities waiting for you. All you have to do is to find and use them in full!

Search for new meanings and values

Discover values that will help you to understand what is really important at this moment in your life. Realization of what motivates you to act and the desire to live can become a push for personal growth.

Develop social ties

During this period, it is especially important to focus on building healthy relationships. Active communication and candid discussion of your thoughts and emotions is extremely beneficial for you and your psychological well-being. The ability to listen to others and to be sensitive will give a sense of security and favor the improvement of mutual understanding in the relationship.

Praise yourself and recognize your own value

Do not let your achievements become a beacon in your life. Recognize every step that leads you to success and study in depth the difficulties you have overcome right away. Every action that is beneficial to you or the environment is extremely valuable. The importance of supporting yourself is vital, so don't forget to push yourself to new heights and learn to appreciate every step you take.

Remember that it is an important period in your life. Thus, patient and honest with yourself. Find ways to see joy in small things and look at the world around you with a sense of deep value.

Pay attention to these areas of your life and keep them in balance:

BODY: health, self-perception, physical sensations, satisfaction, emotional reactions.

RELATIONSHIPS/CONTACTS: affection, love, care, responsibility, social interaction and mutual assistance.

ADDICTION/PRODUCTIVENESS: logics and planning, decision making and action, diligence and productivity, trust and control, time and result.

FANTASYSlЇ: thoughts, ideals, goals, dreams, intuition, perspectives.


Make an "alphabet of resource"

Write your own resource for each letter of the alphabet. Make a list of actions that will always improve your emotional state. Among these actions may be those that can be performed immediately, as well as more difficult ones that require planning. Enjoy every moment of your life and enrich your day with positive feelings!

Keep a diary of your moods and emotions

When you feel a change in your mood, stop and ask yourself the question: "What is the thought that has suddenly arisen in my head?" Try to formulate and analyze it. This will allow you to better understand your emotions and reactions, which will be the first step to greater self-understanding.

Life is an unprecedented dance of emotions and possibilities, which should be perceived with all its nuances. In order to feel truly alive, give yourself an hour to deepen into yourself and to open your chemistry. Open up to new acquaintances, places and experiences. Realize that happiness is not in tomorrow, but in the world of today. The joy of life lies in the ability to see the beauty in small things and the ability to enjoy simplicity. You will discover that joy does not depend on external circumstances, but is all around you, if you are able to just want to live, regardless of all its challenges.

The points mentioned above are the key aspects that will help you find joy and feel alive even in times of war. The world today may be unprecedented, but you can influence the way you react to it and how you perceive events. Remember that your inner strength and wisdom can transform even the worst circumstances into an unforgettable song of life.

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