How to remove stains and whiten clothes: an atypical product will help

Experts recommend using this life hack with caution

Caring for white clothes is not an easy task, because the slightest stain or the slightest bloom on the fabric immediately catches your eye. But there is no problem that cannot be solved by TikTok life hackers. This is how the social network came up with an unusual tip on how to remove stains from white clothes and effectively whiten them.

The user under the nickname Tanya, who calls herself the queen of life hacks, offered several ways, Express writes. According to her, dishwashing liquid helps her take care of white clothes (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

"Apply it to white laundry. It removes stains and makes clothes white," the blogger says. And she demonstrates how she pours the product on the clothes and immediately loads them into the washing machine.

The journalists of the publication asked experts in cleaning and stain removal for comment on this matter. They confirmed that this method is indeed suitable for some types of dirt. However, they advised adding a small amount of dishwashing liquid when washing, especially with special detergents - powder or liquid. If you put too much of it in the washing machine, it will cause damage to your clothes. This is because the components that dissolve grease can be too aggressive for fabrics.

Experts say that excessive foaming, which is typical of dishwashing detergents, can also damage the washing machine. Therefore, it is recommended to use no more than one tablespoon for a small amount of laundry and no more than three tablespoons for a large amount. However, dishwashing liquid can be used for hand washing.

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