How to protect a child from disaster: folk methods and signs

A pinch of salt can be a powerful amulet

Salt is not only an important product that can be found in every kitchen. It is also an energetically powerful substance that can protect against evil and remove the evil eye.

Salt, in particular, can be used to protect a small child who has weak energy and cannot take care of himself. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to do it right.

Put salt in the pillow

The pillow is in contact with the head and absorbs the energy of a person, even a very small one. So, to make this energy invulnerable to negativity, you can add a pinch of salt to the filler of a baby pillow. In particular, this should protect the baby from bad dreams. It is best to sew a cloth bag with salt into the pillow, so it will be convenient to change it from time to time. This is necessary because the substance accumulates energy.

Take it with you for a walk in the stroller

While walking, you don't know who will look at your child and how. So you can protect him from the evil eye with the same small bag of salt that you put in the stroller with your baby.

Sprinkle a little salt on the doorstep

A path of salt can become a powerful protective barrier that will prevent negative energy from entering the room. That's why our ancestors protected their homes by sprinkling salt on the doorstep. You can protect both the children's room and the entire apartment in the same way.

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