How to properly wash a blanket in a machine so as not to spoil it: tips for housewives

The wrong mode can ruin a blanket, so you need to know all the nuances.

The hygiene and cleanliness of bedding is a very important issue. After all, we spend an average of 8 hours a day in bed. In everyday life, the issue is solved by changing the linen. But pillows and blankets also need to be washed periodically. Which is more difficult, because in addition to the fabric, you need to properly clean the filler. However, a household washing machine may well help you here. So, if you are wondering how to wash a duvet in a washing machine, it is the knowledge of the filler material that will help you choose the right programme and other nuances.

OBOZREVATEL has collected all the basic tips for washing the most common types of duvets. Start by reading the label on the product. If it says that it can only be washed by hand or dry-cleaned, you'll have to give up the idea of washing the blanket in the machine. For example, cotton products require only professional cleaning. If this method is allowed, the next steps will depend on the type of filler.

Woollen blankets and rugs

This natural, warm material is often allowed to be washed on a special silk/wool cycle, which is available in most modern machines. If this is your case, choose only cool water for cleaning - no more than 30 degrees. Hot washing greatly deforms the product - it will "shrink". Choose a liquid detergent. Its microparticles will not settle in the material and will not make it stiffer. Do not wring out a woollen blanket in the machine. Take it out and lay it out horizontally on a wire rack so that it dries in this position. Only then hang it up to air dry.

Down duvet

Down filling is not easy to wash, because the filler, when wet, can clump together after drying, and the blanket will lose its properties. But still, machine washing a down duvet is possible. The water temperature for this should be chosen low - up to 30 degrees. And liquid detergent. Set the mode for delicate fabrics. And to be sure, you can put special washing balls in the drum that will break the filler during the cleaning process. Dry a down duvet in the same way as a woollen duvet - lay it out horizontally. However, sometimes it will have to be turned over and shaken to distribute the down evenly and avoid the smell of mustiness.

Blanket made of synthetic winterizer

Such blankets are similar in properties to down blankets, but they are much easier to care for. You can choose a slightly higher temperature - up to 40 degrees, but the detergent should still be liquid. The blanket will need to be laid out in the drum so that it is evenly distributed. The spin should be gentle - no more than 800 revolutions, but less is better. You can dry the synthetic winterizer in the usual way - on a rope, but periodically shake and beat it so that the filler is well distributed and dries.

Bamboo blanket

This is also an unpretentious filler material that tolerates machine washing. The only essential condition is that the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, and the spin can even be intense. Bamboo is dried like wool and fluff - on a horizontal surface. Although it is also suitable for drying in the dryer.

Holofiber duvet

This modern and high-tech filling material can be machine washed quite well in cool water, up to 30 degrees, and with liquid detergent. But the spin should be gentle and at low speeds - up to 800 rpm. You can dry a holofiber blanket in the usual way - on a rope.

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