How to make your home always smell fresh: the secret of Korean women

The unpleasant smell in the house is often caused by dust. Dust itself smells quite distinctive and can also absorb and retain foreign odors. That is why Korean housewives, in order to ensure the smell of freshness in the house, first of all, get rid of dust. And they have a secret way of doing this.

Korean women use a fragrant cosmetic, which has dust-repelling qualities, and on this basis, they prepare a special spray. OBOZREVATEL found out its recipe.

It is a spray on the basis of hair conditioner. The price and the brand do not matter. The main secret is its antistatic properties. The product helps hair not to get electrified, but thanks to this it can significantly slow down the deposition of dust. The aroma of the conditioner will refresh the atmosphere in any room.

To prepare the solution it is necessary to take 0.5 liters of water and one capful of hair conditioner. The ingredients are placed in a bottle with a sprayer and mixed thoroughly. This mixture is used to treat surfaces while dusting, and then treat them with a dry, lint-free cloth. The spray does not need to be prepared before each cleaning - it stores well and does not spoil.

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